Red Herring

Well, I’ve been somewhat off the grid for the past couple months.  I haven’t forgotten about my site or anything, just haven’t had the time to keep it updated.  I’ve been wanting to share this with everyone for a while, but I promised to keep it under wraps until launch day.  Well, today is that day, and here’s my latest creation:

This is the website of my good friend, Alisha.  She’s self-publishing her first book, Red Herring, and I helped her put the website together.  My other good friend, Dave Bardwell, did most of the artwork, and I put the site itself together (in Flash, if it wasn’t obvious).  Please check it out….I’m pretty proud of this one :)  It took me the better part of 2 solid months of work, but it turned out amazing in the end, if I do say to myself.

I want to congratulate Alisha, of course.  She’s been a really close friend of mine ever since public school, so when she asked me if I could do the site, I said sure.  When she then told me of how she wanted it, I almost fell out of my chair :)  But, I said why not…it’ll be a challenge.  And it was, but it was worth it.

As for the contents of the site itself, if you think the book sounds interesting, please buy a copy from Alisha.  She’s worked really hard on the novel, and if things go well, there will be more books in the (hopefully) near future!!

Again, congrats Alisha on a successful launch.  *Raises a glass of scotch* Cheers!!

Until next time…