Monthly archives: April, 2010

Red Herring

Well, I’ve been somewhat off the grid for the past couple months.  I haven’t forgotten about my site or anything, just haven’t had the time to keep it updated.  I’ve been wanting to share this with everyone for a while, but I promised to keep it under wraps until launch day.  Well, today is that day, and here’s my latest creation:

This is the website of my good friend, Alisha.  She’s self-publishing her first book, Red Herring, and I helped her put the website together.  My other good friend, Dave Bardwell, did most of the artwork, and I put the site itself together (in Flash, if it wasn’t obvious).  Please check it out….I’m pretty proud of this one :)  It took me the better part of 2 solid months of work, but it turned out amazing in the end, if I do say to myself.

I want to congratulate Alisha, of course.  She’s been a really close friend of mine ever since public school, so when she asked me if I could do the site, I said sure.  When she then told me of how she wanted it, I almost fell out of my chair :)  But, I said why not…it’ll be a challenge.  And it was, but it was worth it.

As for the contents of the site itself, if you think the book sounds interesting, please buy a copy from Alisha.  She’s worked really hard on the novel, and if things go well, there will be more books in the (hopefully) near future!!

Again, congrats Alisha on a successful launch.  *Raises a glass of scotch* Cheers!!

Until next time…

Now this is Multitasking

So, I’m doing some major upgrades on my computer, and have decided to jump on the Eyefinity bandwagon.  If you don’t know what Eyefinity is, read up a bit here on Wikipedia, and here directly from AMD.  Basically, it allows you to use up to 6 monitors to play your games on.  I’m opting only for 3 monitors, and ended up getting it about a month ago.  Well, I’ve just purchased the rest of the setup (for inquiring minds, I have a Radeon 5870 on the way, along with a Core 2 Quad Q9550 and an extra 4GB of RAM, bringing my total to 8GB), and as I wait on it to arrive in the mail, I decided to actually make use of this extra monitor I have.

And here’s the results:

Yes, that would be 4 screens that I can work on simultaniously.  The 2 right screens are connected to my current desktop.  I have my laptop on the far left there, with the 3rd monitor connected to it right beside it.  Now, the trick here is I’m using a piece of software called Synergy2 to share my mouse and keyboard from my main desktop to my laptop, which allows me to just move my mouse off to the left hand side of the screen, and transfers the new mouse position across the network to the laptop, and it’s as if I’m controlling it normally.  Pretty cool stuff.

The limitation of course is that I can’t obviously move windows from my laptop to my desktop, but it’s great to keep the browser and IM clients opened on the left 2 monitors, while I keep my main work (Photoshop, Visual Studio, Flash, etc…) open on the main 2.  I just get giddy over all this stuff :)

Anyways, just wanted to share.  I’ll post more when the entire Eyefinity setup is complete and have a real game running on it.

Until next time…