Super Bowl XLIV

Well, it’s that time of the year again, where the whole world (or at least the US and Canada) sit down this Sunday to watch one of the biggest sporting events of the entire year, the Super Bowl. Some people watch it for the game, others watch it for the ads. Some people just watch it to see what all the fuss is about. To me though, I’m a die hard football fan through and through, and there’s no bigger event than watching the game that will crown the champion of the league of your favorite sport. No different than the Stanley Cup finals or the World Series are to hockey and baseball fans respectively.

This year, the “big game” is between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts. For the first time in 16 years, the #1 seed out of each conference will face each other in the Super Bowl. New Orleans went 13-3 this season, and played very well in the playoffs. They handedly beat the Cardinals 45-14 in the Divisional round, and beat Brett Farve and a turnover-ridden Vikings team (in overtime) 31-28 to make it to the Super Bowl. For the Colts, they shut down Joe Flaco and the Ravens 20-3 in the Divisional round, and promptly dismantled the league’s #1 defense in the Jets for a win of 30-17. For the Saints, it’s their first trip to the Super bowl in franchise history, and for the Colts, this will be their 2nd trip in 3 years (including 1 win).

As for who I would pick to win, it’s a tough call. Emotionally, the Saints will be there. They’re playing for a devastated city and franchise pride. Not to mention they have a great offense, both passing and running, along with a very good defense that can mess with the heads of their opponents. But, the Saints have also shown their weaknesses. They played horribly during the last stretch of the season, losing to my Cowboys (which was awesome, by the way), and then lost against 2 divisional rivals (and 2 very poor teams) in the Bucs and Panthers to round out the season. They had a great game against the Cardinals in the Divisional round, but even after forcing 6 turnovers from the Vikings, they only managed to beat the them in overtime (and arguably would have lost had it not been for Brett Farve making a huge mistake and throwing an interception while the Vikings were in field goal range at the end of that game).

For the Colts, it’s “been there, done that” for Peyton and his crew. Offensively, they stack up pretty much equally. Defense is a bit more questionable (especially if Dwight Freeny is out), but the one thing the Colts are good at is consistency and poise. They never get worried. They’ve been down going into half more than any other team this season, and have mounted so many 4th quarter comeback that is ridiculous. And Payton Manning is a coach right on the field. It won’t matter what the Saints throw at him. He will adjust and promptly score at will come the 2nd half. For the Saints to keep up, they will have to match the Colts point for point.

In the end, I think it will be the Colts, 31-28. But, that’s just me. I guess we’ll see in the final result in a couple days.

Until next time…