Welcome, welcome

Hello there everyone,

This is the first blog post from my new presence on the web, DarinCasier.com.  I’ve been working the past 3 weeks on getting this site up and running, and I feel now is the time to show it off!!

As for the purpose of this whole site, I just felt it was time I had my own little corner of the internet where I could be myself (not that I’m not normally).  I’ll be writing about all sorts of random things here.   Anything from gaming to tech news, or just random stuff I feel like blogging about are all fair game.

I’ve tried to get many blogs started in the past, but this time I feel is a bit different.  This time, it’s my own site.  And I hope this time around I’ll stick to it too.

Feel free to comment on the site too.  How’s the theme for everyone?  Does it work in your browser?  Any oddities?  Let me know.  You can reach me at darin [at] darincasier dot com (sorry…spam bots like to scroll over sites…).  You can also follow me on Twitter, or check out my About Me Page for other ways to find me.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the site.

Until next time…